What is an Ironing Service?

An ironing service is a type of home service that helps people with household tasks. Services typically include laundry, ironing and cleaning. They can be a great way to save time and get your house in order. There are some types of ironing services:

-Chair pressing: This service presses clothes against a chair to remove wrinkles.

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-Clothing handling: This type of service includes pressing and folding clothes, as well as taking care of the ironing itself.

-Dry cleaning: This type of service removes all water and dirt from clothes before they are ready to be worn again. 

-Fitted bedding: This type of service includes replacing bed sheets and pillowcases, as well as doing the laundry. 

-Ironing: This service includes pressing clothes with an iron. 

-Laundry: This service includes washing, drying and folding clothes. 


If you're like most people, you probably don't enjoy ironing. But if you're looking to up your home decor game and improve your overall level of cleanliness, then ironing services are a must-have.  

1) Garment Care: If you have any clothes that need delicate care (like silk or linen), hiring a professional to do the heavy lifting for you is the way to go. These professionals will take care of pressing all the wrinkles out of your clothing so that they look perfect when they come back from the dryer.

2) Wrinkle Removal: If you're short on time but want your clothes to look wrinkle-free, this is the service for you. With just a few minutes of your time, these pros will use hot steam to remove all those pesky wrinkles from your shirt or dress!